Safety is not an approach – it is part of our culture.  Our stance on safety is easy – SAFETY FIRST above all else.

Established in 2009, Team West has held an impeccable safety record with.  This was accomplished by empowering a culture of safety through our employees and leading safety from the top down.  Changing the focus of a results driven workforce, specifically in the construction industry, is not an easy feat, especially when your workforce spans across the United States from East Coast to West Coast, but, Team West has invested significantly in the continued education for safety in its workforce.  For our Team safety is just part of the every day schedule – part of the Company’s overall culture.

For Team West our employees are the Company’s most valuable resource and its our job to ensure that all employees stay safe – everyday on every job – and always put SAFETY FIRST above all else.  Our efforts are reflected in our industry low EMR Rating, which we are proud to share is .70!